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December 2, 2016 at 2:27 am

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The finishing touches on your Magical Manifesting Painting…


Think of what you have left behind…any beliefs that you “can’t do it,”
or that “it will never work”, or “I can’t see that happening!”
You have achieved an entirely new level of Creative Fitness!
Now, what are you going to do with it?
Sacred Symbol Art_Abundance_Freya


Let’s CREATE change!


There is a whole world out there that needs our creativity!


This is creativity that transforms.


This is creativity that lifts up.


This is creativity that elevates the dialogue.


This is creativity that feeds the hungry.


This is creativity that brings clean water to the thirsty.


This is creativity that spreads peace.


This is creativity that unites.


This is creativity that inspires.


This is creativity that encourages.


This is creativity that shows compassion.


This is creativity that is concerned with the WHOLE.


This is creativity that whispers, “You can do it.”


This is creativity that reaches out.


This is creativity that gives friends hope.


This is creativity that creates smiles walking into a room.


This is creativity that believes in a friendly universe.


This is creativity that turns obstacles into opportunities.


This is creativity that dreams the “impossible dream”.


This is creativity that is limitless, boundless, endless!

Nadia Enough is Enough


It is ALL within YOU!

Your Vision Quest Message…final touches…make it fabulous!

What else is possible?
Write in your journal in the voice of your painting. Maybe this painting is a guide for you. What does he/she have to say to you?
What does she want to warn you to look out for?
What does he want to remind you is one of your super powers?
What does your painting want to paint into the memory of your heART to serve as a touchstone moving forward?

Freya’s ARTshram… My nest to be…

Add the final touches of magic into your painting.
Ask yourself, “How can I create even more magic on this canvas?”
Add different shades of a color that is already there.
Add another fine outline to an existing outline in a contrasting color.
Add some gold paint.
Add some dots. LOL I love how little dots create the illusion of light and movement.

Below is a canvas being painted by people all over NYC! It hangs in a homeless shelter there to provide a CHANGE in environment, at the least.


NYC Change canvas
The painting below created CHANGE in the life of a dear friend who was in the midst of cancer. My eight year old painted it for her. It CREATED tears of joy and
feelings of love and hope!
Can you do this for someone today?
What change do you want to create? THIS is the gift of your Vision Quest.



So…PAINT to CREATE change!

For your last mile, think of your friends, your “sisters” in Africa and Afghanistan, your children, your passion AND paint a
painting that expressed the catalytic,
trans-formative, passionate, and
energetic elements of painting!
Then, share it with others.
Post it to our Facebook page, gift it to someone who needs a creative boost, express your belief in each and every one of our creative abilities!
THEN, we can TRULY change the world!
Let us all know you have finished the Paint Marathon, the eARTh leg of our quest! We want to celebrate with you! After all, they didn’t put ART in pARTy for nothing!
Creative wishes, Whitney & the Creatively Fit Coaches
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August 10, 2017 at 2:28 am

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