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March 27, 2017 at 7:00 am

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The Sacred Symbol that is the LOTUS FLOWER
The LOTUS flower has been called the most beautiful bloom in the world.
It is a ancient symbol of purity and enlightenment…all the Buddhist Goddesses sit on a lotus flower!
HOW does it get to be so beautiful?
It has thick roots in the MUCKIEST MUCK…water and earth, mud.
LOTUS energy is “medicine” for when we want to transform life’s “muck” into our own most beautiful BLOOM.
Paint a lotus OR paint a symbol that is attracting your awareness around the theme of transformation…
…OR paint whatever has captured your attention today!
JOURNAL alongside your paintings…profound messages are coming your way.
Susan Martin Water
Lotus by Creatively Fit Coach Susan Martin in Minnesota.
Sacred Symbol Art_lotus_Freya
Here is a very watery, drippy LOTUS painting step-by-step. Get out your spray bottle!
Lotus Progress
More fabulous lotus paintings by Creatively Fit Coach, Estelle Thomson.
FullSizeRender (4)
Or…paint a star! This is by CCFC Laly Mille. Check out her website!
Laly Mille star
Orig art_Lotus
We can’t wait to see your paintings!


Simply email the image of your painting and the story to connect(at)
Let’s BLOOM! 
Whitney & CCFC Tribe
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