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March 27, 2017 at 5:00 am

VQ Headings_water_10
 You CAN do it!!! Paint what your Soul is attracting you to today OR follow the prompt and receive its message for you.


“You each have a CHAMPION within you.  Your CHAMPION is not for YOU.

It is for OTHERS.” ~Lisa Nichols

Vision Quest is meant to CHALLENGE you. The YOU it is challenging is your logical, left brain side, NOT your infinite creative side.


Lisa Nichols and me. What a powerhouse she is! This was us in 2009…

…Little did I know that I would be working with her intimately for years 5 years later!

Now LISA has painted…


Left brain is EGO.  Right brain is “one with the universe”.

When you are critical or judgmental of your own abilities you are coming from your ego voice. Instead of thinking about how you can help yourself, think about how your strengths, passions and interests, can serve others.  When you make that switch, you disengage the ego and the elements around you will start to align to further your cause because it is for the greater good.

For you to create the FULLEST expression of the art that is your life, you will want to balance EGO with your conviction that you are part of something bigger than just you.

THIS is where we draw our strength.

THIS is why we believe we can achieve great things,

break down barriers,

create love rather than war,

heal the sick, feed the hungry,

speak in front of hundreds,

innovate new products and ideas.

When you tap into that universal energy, that inclusive voice, you are opening up your world for extraordinary things.  That world can only be accessed via


Yes! Yes!

SO let’s get in your right brain again today…painting #10


065ad9~1 (2)

Painting Tips

You now know how to take the painting process step by step.

The directions from now on will become more abstract.  You now know that it is not SO important that your paintings look EXACTLY like these examples.  It is about the creativity workout.  Here are some “tips” for this painting:

~Outline the flowers first, without the stems.

~I start with the top poppy and go from there.

marathon 10 first

~The next one I draw is the umbrella looking flower to its bottom right.  Then, the poppy on the bottom left.

~If you run out of room for all the flowers, no worries.

Notice how the final image has different shades of color in the different background areas.  This variety of color keeps your eye moving around the canvas–there is more going on.  More interest….

Marathon 10 final

I love Creatively Fit Coach Antonella Bargione’s ABUNDANCE painting!!!
Antonella abundance
More examples from other Vision Questers…
Have a blast getting your “Rainbow Warrior” on! 
Whitney & The CCFC Tribe
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