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October 29, 2015 at 5:43 pm

What a liberating claim!  To finally be able to say “I am an artist” out loud.  This exercise was very helpful in giving myself permission to surrender to the nudge to claim “artist” status and to not be embarrassed of my lack of “skill” or “formal training” around the whole idea.

I have had this misplaced conception that I have to know a lot in order to talk about this creative desire in me, or else someone might ask me an “art related” question that I don’t know the answer to.  However, through this section I can feel myself letting go of that hesitation and being more open to seeing what can flow through me!  This is going to be great… doors are going to open wide, I believe!

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February 15, 2016 at 11:53 am

Finished first week. It made me feel happy for the first time since I went through my back last Friday. Being in a lot of pain, not able to move I just needed something to make me feel better. So this exercise was just the perfect one.

Fun part with doodling colour on a pages, even I absolutely didn’t think of drawing some-thing, the first thing that appeard was this flower. I love doodling, and right now I love how it takes my mind of my backpain.

September 1, 2016 at 1:45 am

Download a PDF of this lesson HERE: Vision Quest MYAW Lesson #1

Download the #1 video lesson HERE and the #2 video lesson HERE

VQ Headings_air_1

We begin our quest in the element of AIR.

Air is the domain of our consciousness.

Air is…

…our mental energies,

…the energy of communication,

…through which travels, sound, vibration & tone,



Your Vision Quest begins with getting to know the “explorer” side of you, your intuitive self, your way of thinking, the part of your mind, with which you will communicate throughout your Vision Quest.


In this first month, we are going to prepare your MENTAL LANDSCAPE so that it becomes fertile ground for your Vision Quest.


Vision Quest . The Creatively Fit Program is here to create BALANCE with your logical mind and your intuitive mind.


This experience is not meant to be LOGICAL. You have that covered. In this first month, with the element of air, we allow and open to the gentle breezes of change to gently clear space within you to make room for an entirely new way of KNOWING.

Vision Quest_In this lesson_1

Let’s bring you HERE now…

VQ MYAW quotes

In this Vision Quest, you are going to learn a new way to communicate with your Soul, your creator self, your Artist Within.


VQ opt in page blue MYAW

 When you were a child, every day was a quest!

You loved to paint and draw.

You were fearless and knew no shame, obligation or conformity. You were fully you.

But that didn’t last long…did it?

Vision Quest_MYAW_1_quote

BECAUSE of how our minds work,

YOU can develop “magical” mental abilities to
CREATE the change you want to see in your world from

SIMPLY creating change on paper, creating change in your routine,

creating change in how you listen to the two voices within your mind.


The art journal and canvas
become portals back to the consciousness
you were immersed within as a child.
It is that child that is still connected to your Soul.


Imagine that, up until now, you had only been given 2 colors on your life’s “palette”…

Vision Quest_MYAW1


You DO NOT have to be creative to Vision Quest.

In fact, the less creative you think you are, the MORE your Vision Quest

will provide the necessary CONTRAST in your life needed to create
the change you desire. Dive in and have FUN!

Each Lesson has a WORD, MEDIA and ART
element, or chapters. 


Word Element

 In the WORD Element we intend to inspire different ways of thinking about the familiar. We invite you to then write your musings in your own journal.


Why do we lose touch with our Artist Within?


When you were a child, you created fearlessly. You were not afraid of a blank piece of paper and you showed off your creations to anyone in the room. Your imagination was celebrated and life was play.


Then, you got down to work. School celebrated the logical mind, and as you learned to read and write your Artist Within was forced to withdraw further and further back into your unconscious mind. You decided, “I’m not creative” because there was no logic to support that you were creative—it was not taught or recognized.




This is part of the QUEST! Everything is working out perfectly because now we GET TO experience living from a predominantly logical perspective SO THAT we can choose to REMEMBER what it means to live mindFULLy!!

Vision Quest_Nietzsche

In his book Zen and the Art of Making a Living, Laurence G. Boldt shares the quote from Nietzsche above and then writes this:

             “Some may find it hard to accept that Nietzsche’s statement applies to them, yet we will insist throughout this book that every man and woman is, in potential, an artist and, when living authentically, one indeed.”


Vision Quest_MYAW_1_Authentic


For me, this tremendous journey all started with this breakthrough concept of ourselves, as people trying to find our niche, our passion, our true purpose in life, needing to embrace our “artist mentality”, not so that we would all paint on canvas and hang our work in a gallery, but so that we would take responsibility for the role we play in creating our lives, independent from society’s prescribed course.

In other words, if we stopped listening to the way
everyone else tells us we should do things and really
follow our heart and what our Artist Within wants to express in this lifetime, THEN we will be able to
create the life we were intended to live.

SO, your first challenge in the Creatively Fit Program is to accept that Nietzsche’s statement applies to YOU!  Can you do that?  You have to get over the voice, the left brain voice, that may be whispering, “You are not an artist.  YOU can’t even draw a straight line.”  THIS is not AT ALL Boldt’s intention, nor mine, for you.  I am here to tell you that I do not think “straight lines” even exist!  We live on a round planet,
so could there ever really be a “straight line”?

 No.  What this is addressing, this “artist mentality”, is your role as a creator.

In his book, Creativity, Where the Divine & the Human Meet, Matthew Fox writes:

Matthew Fox Quote




Right now, I want you to write in your Creatively Fit journal,

“I am the ARTIST of my life.”



Write it 20 times if that is how many it takes to silence the little whisper,

“No you are not.” YOU are an ARTIST.  YOU are an artist.  YOU are an ARTIST.

Your medium?  Your words, your actions, & your thoughts.  These are your paints.

These are the colors that color your day. This is the language of your Artist Within.



Media Element

This week I want you to watch the 18 minute talk by Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor, author of the book My Stroke of Insight.

She got to know her right brain voice through a dramatic life experience–a stroke!  Her talk is breathtaking! Enjoy!

Simply click on the link below and prepare to get so, so fired up to meet your “right hemisphere”.

~allow 20 minutes~ 

Art Element

I have two very simple Creativity Workouts for you to create right now.


They will identify to you your “shape” and your “color”, two of the languages your Artist Within speaks. I have always said that we each have a SHAPE and a PALETTE!  For example, I am not a pastel person. I do not paint or color with pastel colors, nor do I wear pastel colors. I may buy an item of clothing, for example, that I LOVE, but if it is a pastel it is destined to hang in my closet, seldom, seldom being worn.


Univ Symbol Quiz


 Video Lesson



List the following shapes in order from your most favorite shape to your least favorite:  Plus sign, Square, Triangle, Circle, Spiral.




These shapes are the Five Universal Symbols.  If you have young children, you can watch their drawings progress through these shapes. The spiral and circle are first in the scribbles.  The triangle dress appears below the circular head.  The stick figure body is the plus sign.  The house they live in is square with a triangle on top.  These symbols have been marked by humans on cave walls, sheets of papyrus and stone tablets.  These shapes have also been assigned a symbolic meaning.  Before we look at that, what do they mean to you?

What words come to mind when you think of these different shapes?



Plus sign__________________________________________________




Here is what Angeles Arrien from the book Signs of Life:  Five Shapes Found In All Art And How To Use Them writes that these shapes symbolize:

Circle      Square            Triangle              Plus Sign       Spiral

Unity          Foundation      Goal Oriented        Relationship     Go w/

Whole       Earth Energy     Reaching the          East v. West     the

Grounding              top                    Night v. Day   flow



Here is the key to your universal symbol survey.

#1 Whichever symbol you listed first, your favorite, symbolizes what is YOUR GOAL RIGHT NOW.

#2 Your second favorite symbolizes YOUR HIDDEN STRENGTH.

#3 Your third favorite symbolizes WHAT YOU WANT YOUR GOAL TO BE.

#4 Your fourth favorite symbolizes what YOU ARE CONSCIOUSLY IGNORING.

#5 Your least favorite symbolizes what YOU ARE UNCONSCIOUSLY IGNORING.

Whenever I do this with a group, they get so enthusiastic.  They more clearly understand that their minds each speak a visual language.  There is a reason we are attracted to different shapes over others.  It is part of our personality.  Embracing this knowledge opens a new door inside of your mind.


Cover a Page with Color


Video Lesson



This “workout” is one of the simplest AND most effective. You simply want to “doodle” (do NOT try to draw anything that looks like anything) until the entire page is covered with marks you made in just that ONE color. To choose the COLOR simply look at your selection of markers or pastels and choose whichever color looks the “yummiest”. Don’t think–just reach for the color that is attracting your eye!


Next, look at a clock and decide to spend the full ten minutes. Then, WATCH for the point when your mind shifts from, “Oh, I have so many other things to do!” to “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Seriously, it will happen. How do I know this? Because your left brain DOES NOT understand this exercise. It is not within its realm of functions. So, it HAS TO check out and your right brain HAS TO check in. You become completely PRESENT, and in the present moment you are covering a page with color. Voila!



We want to increase your color awareness so that you are noticing this color throughout your day. This is part of living life as a Vision Quest.

Each time you notice color it will be like we are flexing your right brain muscle, getting it more flexible. The image below is one of mine. I always pick blue when I want to relax. It is like magic-how my mood shifts as I cover the page.

mandala blue



This week you are going to:

1. Accept that “I am the ARTIST of my life.”

2. Watch the Dr. Jill video on


3. Work out your right brain muscle with the Universal Symbol Quiz and the Cover a Page With Color exercises.

4. Set your intention.

My intention for my Creatively Fit Program is ______________________.

Please share your images on the HOME page of this Vision Quest Group on Nexus or our Facebook page.

Enjoy your VISION QUEST — It has only begun.

Creative wishes,


3rd chakra journal

[caption id="attachment_4568" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Cindy Butler Art by Creatively Fit Coach, Cindy Butler[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4569" align="aligncenter" width="470"]Karen Castilon Simple is good too! Art by CCFC Karen Castilon.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4570" align="aligncenter" width="526"]Sandy Combs-Martin Dare to DOODLE! Art by CCFC Sandy Combs-Martin[/caption]

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February 17, 2017 at 5:17 am

Hi Ladies,

The IT-Elf is messing with me today! Hope uploading photos from my journal works now.

See you, Karin:)

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