Lesson Topics Posts Freshness
Vision Quest . AIR . Meet Your Artist Within

In Month ONE we prepare your mental landscape, guided by the element of AIR, for your Vision Quest. Open this folder to access Lessons One to Four for your first month of Vision Quest.

Vision Quest . Fire . Painting Made Easy

Month #2 in your Vision Quest, starting February 27th, we ignite our SACRED SPARK with our Personal Painting Practice. This Painting Made Easy technique will make painting daily accessible to anyone with any level of experience–actually, the less painting experience you have the better!

LESSONS WILL BE AVAILABLE starting February 27th.

Vision Quest . WATER . A Painting Journey of 13

In month #3 of your Vision Quest we DIVE into the element of water and immerse ourselves in the language of your SOUL!

LESSONS WILL BE AVAILABLE starting March 27th.

Vision Quest . EARTH . Your Magical Manifesting Painting

In the last month of Vision Quest we PLANT the seeds that we want to manifest in 2017! This Forum goes LIVE December 2nd.